New to the Warner Archive Collection • September 9, 2014 • The Desert Song


Yes, at long last, the wait is over!  After being out of circulation for over sixty years, a brilliantly restored print of The Desert Song is now available on made-to-order DVD.


As one of the many classic film fans who has been dreaming of the day when this rare release would be announced, I thank you, Warner Archive.  What would we do without you?  It’s hard to believe… ♪ ♫ “our Desert is wait-ing” ♪ ♫ ready and waiting to be added to our collections.  Most sincerely, Katie—a blissfully happy Morgan fan


1943 The Desert SongTake a famed operetta scored by Sigmund Romberg, update its tale of romance and heroics with the then-current Nazi peril, include a lively cast and imaginative direction, burnish the burning desert sands with rich Technicolor® cinematography and voila! That’s 1943’s The Desert Song. Now add an immaculate film restoration and resolve rights issues that had long kept this work out of circulation and – at last – this widely unseen spectacle can be enjoyed by today’s fans.  Christmas in Connecticut‘s Dennis Morgan stars (and lends his melodic tenor to several tunes) as the elusive El Khobar, a mysterious man of action whose work as a cabaret piano player hides his identity as the leader of a bullet-frenzied fight against the Nazis’ construction of a vital North African railroad. Irene Manning (Yankee Doodle Dandy) plays the strawberry-blonde songstress who catches the hero’s eye.  Warner Archive/Synopsis

Warner Bros. • 1943 • Technicolor • 95 min • Directed by Robert Florey
Starring Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning, Bruce Cabot, Lynne Overman & Faye Emerson

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