New to the Warner Archive Collection • November 19, 2013 • Annie Laurie
Featured in Classic Shorts from the Dream Factory: Volume Two

1936 Annie Laurie

Following the success of Classic Musical Shorts from the Dream Factory comes this rollicking follow-up volume of mostly musical shorts crafted in the heart of the lion’s den of M-G-M.  Two-reel Technicolor extravaganzas, one-reel earthy Tabloid Musicals, show-stopping M-G-M Revues and more are waiting in the wings in this 3-disc collection of 36 theatrical shorts, featuring performances from vaudeville greats and future celluloid superstars like Shaw and Lee, Jack Benny, Ann Rutherford, Dennis Morgan, Deanna Durbin, Dick Winslow, Arthur Lake and Judy Garland.
Warner Archive/Synopsis

In late 18th century Scotland, Annie Laurie (Ann Rutherford) and William Douglas (Dennis Morgan) love each other, but their clans are on opposite sides of the country’s civil war. Their love is made immortal through the title song of this film.  IMDb/Synopsis


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer • 1936 • B&W • 10 min • Directed by Joseph Sherman
Starring Ann Rutherford, Dennis Morgan (as Stanley Morner) & David Torrence

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